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Just like all ICEdot sponsored athletes, I have a full time jobs and am not a professional athlete. ICEdot athletes are inspirational, masters of balancing time, and represent the athlete in all of us.

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Adventure race athlete, Desarae Veit, leads a full life of varied interests and adventure. She's a student pilot and has been flying aerobatic airplanes, small fixed wings, and ultralights since she was 16. Her innovative and outgoing character has led her to compete in over 100 races, start 3 business, and volunteer what little free time is left to her many philanthropic interests. During the day she works for at an industry leading multi-national corporation who supports defense systems, intelligence operations, and civilian government as a UI designer building websites. After work she teaches barre, sculpt and power yoga classes between training for obstacle courses. Technology and fitness are her passion. When she's not actively participating she loves to share that passion with others through teaching and public speaking. Read Mission Statement.

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